Health Hazards Connected To Electronic Cigarettes

There is a rising popularity for the e cigarettes or electronic nicotine delivery systems today even if little details are known pertaining to them. In The USA, these e-cigarettes are easily available in almost all shopping centers in many states. But in fact, how risk-free could they truly be?

There was initially five electronic cigarette brands which were examined by researchers in order to answer this inquiry today. They were capable to realize that several design flaws and health issue concerns were discovered with these new items. They then had figured that the electronic cigarettes were potentially harmful to people and has then prompted to have them removed in the market. (read a green smoke review here or v2 cigs review here to learn more about these brands)

As opposed to the normal cigarettes that consume tobacco when smoked, these items will be vaporizing nicotine with other compounds along with it too. This is going to come out by means of aerosol that is attained by heating and does not produce toxic chemicals caused by tobacco. There isn’t any information nevertheless concerning the chemicals located in the aerosolized vapors.

Because of this, there are numerous individuals who have viewed the electronic cigarettes as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. Yet there aren’t any virtual scientific studies regarding their safety. One of the studies has nevertheless shown that it had many flaws which may be the explanation of serious health conditions.

Even though there are issues about the health problems as of the moment, these items have not been banned. They are simply however prohibited in Australia, Canada, Brazil and New Zealand nowadays. The individual electronic cigarettes are known to contain a wider variety of nicotine levels even though they have been labeled as a light dosage. There has also been little quality control used with regards to the additives employed in flavoring.

In a number of countries, the government regulatory boards are actually deciding on the way they should classify the electric cigarettes and ensure its high quality. An extremely volatile battle happens to be growing between the conventional cigarette brands and also the electronic cigarette industry today. This struggle is not about consumer loyalty by itself. The electronic brands are competing to their very own goods labeled as a tobacco product by way of court battles as well.

The nicotine created in tobacco is known to be benign when compared to smoke. This habit forming component is exactly what has kept many men and women from returning to this. The injury in smoking nonetheless comes mainly from inhaling the tobacco smoke. Nicotine is comparatively harmless to individuals once it’s been removed from tobacco in their purest state. By sucking in the e-cigarette vapor, aerosol is introduced that contains nicotine and goes into the lungs even though the residue is expelled.

The liquid nicotine is heated through small batteries in the e cigarettes which turns it into watery vapor. The steam will consist of water flavoring and propylene glycol which is actually a solution. It might be too early yet to be aware what the certain electronic cigarette side effects are for e-cigarettes since the products are very new. Extensive medical testing ought to be done first of all which leaves those with many questions un-answered.

Demands for Vaping Products Increase Daily

With more and more smokers discovering and realizing that ecig/vapor products are basically better than real cigarettes, it comes without surprise that the demands for vaping products are increasing daily.


Vaping products cover various categories such as the vaping hardware and devices and the eliquids. Eliquids come in a never-ending flavor variety. There are those inspired by traditional tobacco. There are also fruits, dessert, foods and more. They also come in different weird names like Crazy Hump, Dimple and Swamp Frog.


Ejuices are tweaked in laboratories. Formulas are perfected and the solutions are made in batches. Demands for vaping products increase day after day.


Ecig users, sellers and makers refer to ecigarette use as vaping instead of smoking. New Jersey’s Global Advisors on Smoke-free Policy insists that ecigarettes should not be used where tobacco smoking is already prohibited. In 2010, NJ amended the 2006 Smoke Free Air Act in order to restrict age sale to 19 and up; and also to define electronic smoking devices and ban their use from indoor public places.


The safest and efficiency of these devices are still seriously questioned. Many decide to already ban the products although there are no studies confirming that ecigs indeed create serious adverse effects. Both supporters and opponents of ecigarettes agree that more research and studies are needed especially on the long term effects of using ecigs.


Ecigs are reasonable choices for those who have already tried other accepted methods like patches and cessation counseling. These years, the FDA proposed regulations that will treat ecigs as tobacco.


Ecigs as Business Venture

Sam Ross owns Advantage Vapors and he said that bars and restaurants are often lenient about ecigarettes. It is about etiquette and of knowing how to not disturb others with secondhand vapors. The ejuice may be pungent, but the ecig vapors are hardly noticeable in terms of odor. Some may still perceive the activity as bothersome.


Ross has been a heavy smoker and has bought his first ecig two years ago without intending to quit smoking. He simply thought of the ecig as something to use in his wife’s car.


To opponents who think that flavors in ecigs are aimed at children, he said that flavors appeal to all regardless of age. At 34 years old, he said he will always choose a candy flavored alternative over the tobacco cigarette. Besides, there are dozens of candy flavored liquors in the market.


John Hobler owns 9 South Vapers and explained that some want to quit while other want to have fun. His three stores (and growing) now cater to thousands of customers and distributes to at least half of the stores in the country. His staff is now comprised of 18 employees. He, too, is a reformed smoker and vows never to go back to smoking again.


Those who want to give up smoking, a basic beginner may already be enough. The nicotine in ecigs ranges from 0 to 24 and up for some manufacturers and producers. There are also vaping products for the aficionados who want more satisfaction and want more customization.


Ross said that the popular flavors are seasonal like fruits during summer and hot chocolate for winter. He suggests vapers to buy from reputable sellers rather than from online stores with questionable reputation.


As for Hobler, he said that his clientele is a diverse mix. On the whole, he feels vaping to be healthier and cleaner substitute for cigarettes. He has a customer who is an elderly man in his 80s who gave up his cigarette dependency for 60 years after his grandson introduced vaping to him. Vaping is essentially more cost-effective than smoking so more people are becoming a lot interested in switching.

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V2 E Cigs Grows in Recognition Nowadays

Electric Cigarettes are the talk at present. In comparison with tobacco cigarettes, vaping or utilizing E-Cigarettes is thought to be cooler and much more beneficial to a lot of people. There are a lot of brands that became available in the market from the time e-cigarettes started back in 2003. Among the more popular choices today will be the V2 E-Cigarettes.

The Fresh Company

This company started out from Miami Beach Florida in 2010 by three people that used to smoke cigarettes. Under three years from that point, V2 E Cigs has already earned a title as one of the most popular brands of Electronic Cigarettes. There are specific reasons that might be leading to this, such as continual expansion inside the product lines, excellent production of vapor and amazing tastes. While using the device, people will not have to deal with tar here.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of brand names today that only advertise products that are not their very own, V2 Electronic Cigs takes pride in showing others that they do everything from scratch devoid of outside support. All e liquid batches are put through testing and answers are published on the web. This is also true with their elements at the same time. Life time warranty is what the company means to give all of its customers. Ever since June 6, 2011, V2 Ecigarettes has been certified by the BBB. Getting out of stock from time to time due to its popular demand, the company has gotten this as its only complaint from consumers.

How it Looks

Blue and also white will be the colors of the boxes coming from V2 Electronic Cigs. There’s going to be a foam insert within which will house its power packs and below can be found the wall charger and cartridges. There is going to be a sealed foil packaging which will help the product avoid contamination and loss to keep its quality. Addititionally there is the expiration date which could easily be viewed upon its label. The liquid items are stowed away safely so that they are not easily accessible to children that may access them accidentally. The product is going to appear in the colors of black, blue and white with the battery crafted from stainless steel. Along with of its tip will likely be the same as the flavour in the capsule.

Sets from V2 E-Cigs

Different types of kits can be obtained with the item. Each one of the kits from the product will be able to complement the distinct tastes and style of each individual.

For Newbies. This really is going to include a standard battery pack, a disposable V2, an express wall charger and flavor refills. You’ll also have a manual on the inside each kit. It can be located at just $34.95. Find out additional details that you might need at notable websites the same as

Regular Set. The merchandise is going to possess an automatic and manual battery pack, 10 flavor capsules, an instruction guide, a small charger and a wall adapter. The cost is going to be $59.95.

Primary Plus Kit. This is certainly going to contain all the items found from the normal kit but with the inclusion of a conveyable charging case. It is $99.95.

Twin Set. These kinds of kit will have twice the contents from a regular kit as it is suitable for couples. The price of this kit will likely be $114.95.

Top Package. This package will have three batteries which will be regular, manual and a long automatic. Additionally, there are 25 flavor cartridges; a single each of wall adapter, smart charger, car adapter, easily transportable charging case XL, metal carry case, power cig, lanyard and manual. It is usually purchased at just $143.95.

Vapor Taste

Each and every cartridge e juices may have propylene glycol, Nic, water and flavorings. Propylene glycol is additionally an ingredient used in asthma inhalers, toothpaste, foods and fog machines. Right here is the ingredient accountable for turning liquid into watery vapor.

Every single cartridge even offers a built-in atomizer. This really is its own advantage since men and women will not have to preserve its atomizer. If the capsule is going to be changed once used up, the atomizer also goes with it.

The 150-220 puffs that can be generated from every single cartridge is equivalent to that of the number of draws that can be made out of a regular cigarette pack. You know it is time to get a new capsule if the taste somewhat becomes burnt and the flavoring has weakened. It is easy to replace its capsule, just screw out the old one and screw in one more.

Tastes Provided. There are approximately a dozen flavors made available from V2 E Cigarettes. If you would like an American traditional tobacco taste (which include what you get from Marlboro, Winston, Lucky Strike and Pal-Mal), red is the flavor for you. People who are a fan of smooth finishes and light-weight tobacco tastes much like Parliament ought to decide the Congress flavoring.

Those who are into the Turkish tobacco blend much like American Spirit and Camel may wish to choose Sahara. The Menthol flavor is intended for people that are into the great and minty taste provided by traditional tobacco cigarettes. The peppermint includes a sweet taste in its flavor. The mint tea taste combines the graceful green tea and mint properties collectively. Vanilla flavor is one to get for enjoyable a sweet craving. The coffee flavoring lets people enjoy the Columbian rich blend which hints to cream and sugar just like sipping a cup of coffee. Chocolate will please you should you be a chocoholic and Cherry flavoring is one to get if you want some juicy and fruity vaping feel.

Singular Use Tastes. V2 Electronic Cigarettes delivers its clients with flavors that are non reusable just like tobacco and menthol. Unique Flavoring. One more reason that explain why V2 E Cigarettes is very preferred nowadays is really because it lets people create their own tastes.

Nic Total

Nic is certainly one more ingredient that can be found in the e-juice. V2 Ecigs provide four levels of Nicotine. Should you be a smoker of unfiltered cigarettes, yours to possess is the full power with 18 mg of Nic. A medium sized strength Nic level was generated for people that would like a mild taste that is around 12 mg. If you’re a fan of Lights cigarettes, Light strength with 6 mg Nicotine is exactly what you’ll need. It’s also a possibility for people to choose the zero power Nicotine which permits them to enjoy their flavors totally. Increased Nicotine strength means stronger feel and taste. The help team of V2 Ecigs can always be contacted by individuals who are not sure which Nicotine strength to settle on.

The Battery

Three electric batteries can be obtained with V2 E Cigs. The short battery which is at 150 mAH and 100 mm in total length. Every individual can also enjoy at least 160 puffs if fully energized. The standard battery would be the next one which is at 250 mAH and 110 mm length. More than 200 puffs can be generated with this. Finally, there is the long battery at 380 mAH and 140 mm in length. This battery pack is effective at generating a lot more than 300 puffs. Because the power control of the battery reduces, you will realize that the vapor volume is also reduced. Additionally it is going to blink if it will require charging soon. To avoid inconvenience, it’s best to always carry a spare battery if you are on the go. Use a smart charger so you will only charge for 1-2 hours.

Additionally, there are manual and automatic electric batteries. The automated battery will always be on standby and may activate when the user needs a puff. Manual battery pack has this tiny rubber button that you can work with. Automated batteries will be more convenient to use since they work just like a traditional cigarette. With manual battery pack, you’re able to enjoy thick steam. The battery packs of V2 Ecigarettes have obtained much acclaim from critics by now. Drawing out a compact hit can give folks a thick vapor by now.

Value and Price

The purchase price on the V2 E Cigs goods is also the explanation for its popularity. A cigarette group is easily equaled with a single cartridge at present. Purchasing a 5-pack is comparable to spending $1.5 per container. Using tobacco cigarettes is most probable to let you invest $150-350; so if you will switch to V2 E-Cigs, it will cost only $45. You can look at far more headlines by looking for free shipping for v2 ecigs at V2 Cigs coupon codes.

While using the blank cartridges offered, people can fill up their cartridges from V2 E-Cigarettes. They could be refilled around 5x. The 25 ml ejuice bottle is able to do replenishing around 25 refills. This really is equal to around $27.9 for just 25 capsules while folks spend $30 for the same number of cigarette packs.

Its actual Support to Clients

From Monday to Friday at 10-23 EST, clients can make telephone and live chats together with their staff. On Saturdays, they are accessible 11-17 EST. Posting a form will permit call back to be sought after in case there isn’t any agent accessible to work with you.

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